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Customer list all the request to us completely in one time;We will design the most suitable plan for customer as per the request.

Sign contract

The contract will be signed under the condition that sales terms、house plan and decoration equipment are confirmed between customer and us.In the progress of the project, project modify means add or delete items. All modify notes should be described in details based on the contract. The two sides discuss every item together and describe how to operate and confirm the cost. The project modify is valid at once after the signature of both sides.

Transform plan

We will purchase house drawing from professional house plan company after we receive the deposit from customer. Our designer will transform the plan and modify it according to customer's request. There is no charge for purchase drawing, transform drawing and modify drawing.

The production of wood structurer

Our worders will operate the equipment which is controlled by computer to cut wood according to the structurer drawing. The finished goods will be checked by quality deparment and stored in the warehouse.

Project delivery meeting

Customer, designer, project manager, person in charge of construction all attend the meeting. The designer will introduce the budged projects, drawing and special technology to the person in charge of construction and coordinate related procedure.

Assemble the wood structure

According to << Code for Design of Timer Structures >> and << Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Timber Structures >>, hire experienced project manager and skilled workers to assemble the house.

Outside and inside decoration

Customer can decorate the outside and inside themselves and we will supply technology guide. We can also decorate the house combine the feature of wood structurer according to the country regulation and satisfy the customer.


When customer live into the house, they will get an copy of << Services Guide for Timer Structures >> and << Warranty Sheet >>. The warranty period of main wood structure is 70 years. Exterior wall and decoration are executed according to the regulation of the country. If customer finds any quality problems in the live, please inform and describe the problem to us in time. We will send professional workers to guide or repair the house.