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Adding a New Storey

Wood-frame construction can easily be used to add a storey to an existing concrete/masonry building. The lightweight of wood construction may make it feasible to add a storey without modifi cation to the building foundation. In cases where the concrete roof is adequate, the existing roof can serve as the new floor. In cases where the existing roof is inadequate, a wood fl oor can be constructed independent of the former roof.

A demonstration project was recently completed in China  that demonstrated materials and techniques
that were novel to local builders. It also demonstrated
other important advantages like the comfort, energy saving
and environmentally friendly nature of wood building products.
The use of wood-framing for the top fl oor increased the
sale value of the residence by adding fl oor space without
overtaxing the foundation system. Although the demonstration
house was new construction, the main application
for this type of hybrid construction is for modernizing and
enlarging existing housing stock