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Fire Safety of Wooden House

Fire Safety

 Buildings are required to provide the code-established degree of fi re safety. The rules for wood use, including engineered wood products, have been established over many years based on experience, research, testing and code development.
Fire-resistance rating is the time an assembly resists the passage of heat and fl ames. The building occupancy, the building size, number of exits and the potential use of sprinklers will determine what fi re resistance rating is required. Wood-frame assemblies (using repetitive members like wall studs and fl oor joists and protected by gypsum board) can be constructed to resist the effects of fi re for up to two hours through the use of appropriate materials and construction methods.

Engineered wood products have be en evaluated and rated under the same fi re conditions as similar sized members made from solid wood. This evaluation is based on extensive fi re testing to establish the fi re-resistance ratings for assemblies using engineered wood products, taking into account manufacturing processes and adhesives on fi re behavior. Based on test results, the sound and fi re characteristics
of many types of fl oor and wall assemblies have been published and recognized in building codes.