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Advantage of Cogent Home Wooden House

Wood-frame construction has a long history of performance. Woodframe construction is used for the vast majority of residential construction in North America and is attracting substantial attention around the world
wherever there is a need for economical, safe and comfortable housing.

The addition of the latest engineered wood products provides the building designer with even more fl exibility, strength, performance and reliability. The load-carrying capacity and long-span capability of EWPs
are attributes that make wood construction an attractive alternative for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Each product has its own particular properties and advantages. Glulam, the heavy workhorse of wood construction, offers beauty and sizes and shapes limited only by transportation constraints. Structural composite lumber products can be acquired in large sections, or can be site assembled into larger sections.

And framing members like parallel-chord trusses and wood I-joists offer both residential and non-residential
construction fl oors that are strong, quiet, and accommodate services beneath them.
The properties of engineered wood products are based on research, testing, standards and quality control.

Detailed information about the fi re, acoustic, and thermal performance of engineered wood products is covered in more detail in other International Building Series publications . Engineered wood products are generally manufactured to a lower moisture content than dimension lumber, and to a level that approximates
the in-service equilibrium moisture content. This means that buildings made from engineered wood products tend to be dimensionally stable.

The many types of engineered wood products provide the designer with unlimited possibilities. In cases where products will be concealed in the structure, lower costs products can be used to provide the required
strength. And where exposed wood is part of the structure, the beauty of wood, especially with glulam, can be used to create captivating looks with both straight and curved members.